Bringing Cloud to the Residential-Edge

We partner with individuals, office spaces, coworking spaces, short-term rental operators, and many more to deploy 'extreme-edge' cloud solutions.

Unique Offerings

We offer unique solutions due to our residential & office-network of partners

Remote Workstations

By partnering with office & coworking spaces, we can allow a truly office-like computing experience for remote workers, allowing them to get work done.

Disaster Recovery

For an off-site backup, why upload your data to a datacenter thousands of miles away, when you can do it to an office or home across town? Makes recovering a breeze with physical drive pickup.

IP Address Solutions

Remote Workers, Internet Marketers, and frequent travelers often find themselves needing 'real' IP addresses - not datacenter ones.

AI GPU Compute

For coworking, hackerspace, or office locations, users who have needs for GPU intensive tasks can use shared, LAN-accessible GPUs for their projects.